Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment of staff is one of the biggest investments you will make in your business. Getting it right can bring major benefits; getting it wrong can be time-consuming and costly. Our aim is to help you recruit the best possible candidate for your organisation - getting it right first time. We offer two services in this area.

Handling Specific Recruitment Assignments

Every organisation is different. We believe that our recruitment and selection advice service is different because it is totally flexible and tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can provide as much or as little help as you need.

We have experience in recruiting staff at all levels, and from a wide range of disciplines and specialisms. We work with organisations with a wide variety of needs, ranging from those who have never recruited before, and are therefore looking for help with the complete process; those who want us to provide a professional and effective recruitment administration service; and others who wish to use our interview expertise only. Whatever your needs, we can help.

We can provide any, or all, of the following:

  • preparation of job description and employee specification
  • design and placement of job advertisements
  • response management
  • initial shortlisting or interviews
  • design of interviews/assessment events – including psychometric testing
  • management of interviews/assessment events
  • involvement in interviews/assessment events
  • preparation of all paperwork and administration of all stages of recruitment exercise.

Designing & Implementing Recruitment Processes And Procedures

We want to add value to your business, and one way that we achieve this is by helping you to become confident in handling your own recruitment.

We can design and implement simple and effective processes that meet the needs of your business, as well as complying with all legislation. We train your staff to operate these processes, so that when we leave they are confident of doing a good job - but we are always on hand if you need a little more help.

Download our case study relating to effective recruitment of new personnel.

If you think we can help your business, please feel free to contact us.