Generalist HR Support

Generalist HR Support

Some businesses feel that they do not need full-time HR support for their business. Nevertheless it is in your interests to ensure that you have adequate records, documentation, policies and procedures to ensure that both you and your staff are clear about all aspects of their employment.

This can greatly assist in ensuring consistency in the way staff are treated and in protecting your business. JCS can provide comprehensive administrative support for all your HR needs, using up-to-date systems which ensure that the service is timely and cost effective.

In addition there will inevitably be occasions where you need advice on specific issues relating to your staff. Questions can relate to individual employees or to the business as a whole, and they cover topics such as:

  • How do I tackle this employee's absence?
  • What are maternity entitlements?
  • Can I change employee hours of work?
  • What can I do to improve staff motivation and productivity?
  • Now that I have more staff what procedures do I need?
  • What can I do about this employee's poor work performance?
  • There seems to be confusion about who is responsible for what - any suggestions on what to do about it?

We are happy to provide you with advice and guidance on a wide range of HR issues.

Download our case study relating to generalist HR support.

We can provide this generalist support on either an ad hoc or retained basis. Please feel free to contact us - initial consultations are free of charge, with no obligation.