Discipline and Grievance

Discipline and Grievance - help from JCS HR

The vast majority of people understand what standards of behaviour are required of them at work without having to be told, and they go to work to do a good job.

However, to ensure absolute certainty about required standards it is best practice to have clearly stated disciplinary rules and procedures to handle any breaches. This ensures equity and consistency of treatment and will ensure that you comply with your statutory obligations.

In a similar way, formal grievances are not a common occurrence. They can be kept to a minimum through treating staff fairly and consistently.

Most managers aren't experts in handling disciplinary and grievance issues, because fortunately they are not a major part of daily routine. However, when these kinds of problems do arise, they can be quite stressful for everyone concerned. Straightforward and practical procedures will help to ensure that you meet all legal requirements, reduce the stress involved for everyone concerned, and reach a thought through and justifiable conclusion - ideally to everyone's satisfaction.

We can provide discipline and grievance advice and support to help reduce the stress in these situations by providing you with clear, straightforward procedures to follow, training managers in the operation of these procedures and/or working with you to tackle specific cases.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.