Is your HR practice good enough for ISO?

Added On: 8th June 2011

Is your HR practice good enough for ISO?

Achieving quality accreditations, for example ISO, is becoming increasingly important in business, not least in the competition to win work such as tenders for public sector contracts. Here Julie Sykes, of JCS HR, explains why HR is an integral part of the accreditation process and should not be overlooked.

“Failing an ISO audit, or losing accreditation can have significant business implications, and by not having the appropriate HR systems in place failure could become a reality. ISO is about being able to demonstrate the quality and consistency of the product or service your company is supplying, and HR systems are critical to being able to verify that this quality is being delivered".

"JCS were recently asked to support two companies who had been criticised in their ISO audits for their lack of HR processes and procedures. We are now working with both companies to ensure that the necessary processes are in place to ensure a successful outcome when the auditors return. These two examples demonstrate how essential it is to have the correct practices in place and to be using them effectively prior to audit, and to continue doing so once accreditation is achieved".

To achieve ISO a company has to be able to demonstrate that:

  • they recruit appropriately qualified and experienced staff
  • staff are clear about what is required of them
  • staff performance is reviewed on a regular basis
  • any shortfalls in staff performance are addressed
  • staff are trained in the correct operating procedures
  • continuous training and development is identified and delivered

To achieve these objectives companies need to ensure they have robust processes in place, in areas such as:

JCS recommend any business that wishes to achieve or retain ISO - or any other - accreditation, to review their HR systems to make sure that they meet the criteria required. This will not only give your company the best chance possible of achieving and retaining the quality standard, but also put you in the best position to win new business and increase your bottom line.